AFFFFILIATE?? No (I'm sorry if I come off as a meanie, but I don't always have time to update this site,and I would feel super bad towards my affies because I probably wouldn't be able to keep in contact with them)
How about link exchange? I'll gladly do link exchanges. Just give me a shout.
You bitch! Hahah. Tell me something I DON'T know
What program do you use to draw? Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS6
How do you make your layout Check out my thought process
Can you make me a graphic? I normally don't take commissions as life is always getting in the way, but sometimes I do commissions on message boards (I can be found at Harmonyland and Teahouse MB)
Why don't you ever update this site? BLARGA BLARG BLARG. DERP.
Why is your f.a.q. so useless? IDK.