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Review made by Rowly @t peenut.org

First Impression:
Woah!! You don't see many layouts this detailed. I'm very, very impressed. Anyone can tell from their first glance that this is going to be one very awesome browse. Oh yeah and bonus points because it's UNIQUE and therefore extremely memorable, which is tres important.

Site Name:
Nice and short, without being boring. Leaves lots of room for personal expression (as opposed to Sweet Bunny Fluff Bum... yeah). Unlike some site names that you can't remember how to spell, because they're in another language or just made up, Conelle is simple. (I'm kidding I know it's Cannelle.)

Yeah well you could pick it to pieces and still come back to the same conclusion: a lot of thought went into this. It has a foreground, second foreground, first background, second AND third background. Hey depending on how you look at it I probably could've added another. All that added depth makes it extra impressive and puts it several notches above any layout I've ever seen. OK enough butt-kissing from me.

When you update, you mean it. None of this "oh I've been so busy.... jeez guys I have a life you know" crap that is just unnecessary. You add a lot of new content reguarly, but most importantly, the content that you add is of an awesome quality and always original.

Fits in well with the theme of the layout but doesn't blend 100%... Looks like it was probably added last and not thought through like the rest of the layout. But hey it's nice to not have to be a brain surgeon to navigate a site for once!

Brilliant. Amazing. Omg stop being so freaking talented, etc. You could easily spend over and hour perusing your site, which is excellent. As I said before, all of it is very original and of a superior quality. Do I sound like I'm auctioning a house or what? You'd have to be nuts to say the layout is where all the effort is spent, the content is just, if not more, spectacular.

Webmiss impression:
Does anyone know a more talented webmiss who actually makes gifts without huge watermarks on them for their visitors? I can see two (Valentines and Easter) that I could just eat. If they were edible. This makes me think "Aw, she cares for and values her visitors" which is, again, outstanding.

Er, whatever this is out of, you get an extra 20 pts. So let's say 70/50. Fabness all the way.

Review made by Lyra @t rocketpop.org/lyra

First Impression: 4/5
Comments: Your layout is incredibly well done, and obviously you are very talented. It looks like your site is targetted towards teens and adults, because you have some swearing on the first page, etc. This may be a problem for younger children who visit your website.

Site Name: 5/5
Comments: Your site name is very creative and unique, and simple as well. "Canelle" has a good ring to it.

Layout: 9/10
Comments: The layout is very well done, as I said before. Some parts of it, also as I said, are not suitable for everyone. The layout works well in both browsers I use (IE and Firefox)

Updates: 7/10
Comments: You don't update that often in your blog, which isn't a huge problem, but I suggest making more detailed blogs, they're more interesting to read. However, you have a lot of new content, which is good.

Navigation: 8/10
Comments: Easy to use and find, but not very unique. The links are all very simple, which is good, but maybe have them in different places throughout the layout?

Content: 19/20
Comments: You have a lot of content, and it is all of high quality. I had fun reading the sex facts, LOL. Some stuff doesn't work in every browser, though. (You mentioned this, though.)

Site Atmosphere: 9/10
Comments: Your site is clearly maintained by someone with a lot of talent, although it may not appeal to everyone. I like that you have a very unique pixel style. Although your site is not all "cutesy", which won't appeal to everyone, you've kept up your personal style and you should definately keep it that way.

Any Broken Links or Pop ups: 10/10
Comments: Nothing I could find

Uniqueness: 9/10
Comments: You have all the basic parts to a pixel site, but your unique spin on things makes your site different from any other.

Memorability: 10/10
Comments: I'll definately remember, and come back to your site.

Total Score: 90/100
Overall Comments: Your site is one of the best I've seen lately, although I suggest maybe putting a warning sign for people of younger ages.

I just wanna say thank you so much to everyone who reviewed my site, you can't imagine how much it's appreciated <3 ty ty ty