my BOYFRIEND, my friends, my family, my pets, design, music, movies, photography, go to shows, laughing, crying, talking, to take the subway, reading, sleeping, shopping, driving, be with my friends, PARTYING, photobooths, hugs, kisses, pixelling, drawing, TOKIDOKI, Marichan, hot showers, long baths, strawberries, cantaloups, watermelons, piercings, tattoos, Adobe Illustrator, Paul Frank, Derek Shepphard, EDWARD CULLEN.

Hypocrits, winter, summer, horror movies, being broke, shopping, stereotypes, being affraid of the dark, boring people, the smell of cigarettes, pessimistic people, violence, my weight, my smile, fake hopes, fights, when my internet is being gay, being sick, being late, rip my pants, being thirsty, being shy, falling on the bum, taking the bus.