&HISTORY Below are the past layouts this website used to have:

V. 1.0

I loved this layout. I kept it for a long time. A bit more than a year i think. I love how it's simple and doesn't have lots of colors.
Rating: /5

V. 2.0

I loved this layout, until i got sick of it. WAYYY To similar to the previous layout. I just thrown stuff together and that was the result. This layout have been up for a month only.
Rating: /5

V. 3.0

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE EVER SO FAR! I love my character, and the colors and everything <3
Rating: /5

V. 4.0

(special halloween)
This layout has been up from September 12 '06 to december 12 '06. I loved it, a lot more than the other layout.
Rating: /5

V. 5.0

I kinda liked this layout, but at the end i must say i was really bored with it. It was my first CGed layout since a while, and i think it turned out quite great even though the colors are kinda "meh".
Rating: /5

V. 6.0

I really loved this layout! I think the CG i used on it was the best i've ever made. Don't get me wrong, i liked this layout very much, the reason i changed it so soon is because i couldn't wait to put up the other one that i was making.
Rating: /5

V. 7.0

I liked this layout, though the colors were a little too dark, i really liked the color scheme. The character was also one of my favourite parts. I really liked pixelling her, and it was quite a challenge since i've never really pixelled people this way. (Tracing over an actual drawing i made). Maybe the layout was a little too halloween-ish though.
Rating: /5

V. 8.0

I think this is the best layout i've ever made. I drew and coded it in one night only. Very Rainbowish and cheerful. I loved everything about it, esp the character and the way i did my site name.
Rating: /5

V. 9.0

So far not the best i've made. Personally i think it was too dark and i've kept it up for wayyy too long.
Rating: /5

V. 10

A quickie. I made this layout in a few hours only, just to get rid of the other one. I liked it, very simple though.
Rating: /5

V. 11

[current layout]