&FAq These are the most frequently asked questions. Please take the time to read these before emailing me :)

Can-you make me a layout?
Sorry, but the answer will probably be no. Exept if you're a really close friend. With work and school, i have barely time to make layouts for my own site.

Can-you make me a graphic?
If you're an affiliate or a friend, sure :)

Can-we be affiliates ?
Probably not. I only affiliate with friends or people that I admire.

What programs do you use ?
I use MS Paint most of the time for my pixels. For my CGed stuff, i use Adobe Illustrator, and sometime Paint Shop Pro. I also use Photoshop for my photomanipulations.

Can you link my site ?
Sorry, but If I wanted to link your site, you'd be already there. And I don't do link exchanges.

Can you visit my website?
Sure, just post a message in my tagboard and i'll probably check it out. If i like it, i might link you :)